Ultimate Valve vs. Emergency Valve

Two of Colby Valve’s most popular products are the Ultimate and Emergency Valves. We know what you’re thinking: What’s the difference? Well, while both valves are going to save your off-roading activities from disaster, they do have some small differences that make them suited to different situations.

The Emergency Valve is meant for just that, emergencies. If you’re off-roading and break a valve stem, the Emergency Valve is there for a tool-free installation. No extra work, no worries. The Emergency Valve is your off-road insurance policy that will always have your back.

The Ultimate Valve can be installed before heading out into the wilderness, or in the event of a broken valve stem (should you have tools with you.) The Ultimate Valve also has a ½” lower profile, making it even less likely that it could ever get damaged. Note that the Ultimate Valve requires a 7/16” (11mm) socket or wrench to install, unlike the Emergency Valve.

Both the Emergency and Ultimate Valves are extremely strong, made from 360 brass bar stock and install from outside the wheel. They’re also both 20 times stronger than traditional valve stems, made in the USA, and can handle anything your off-roading activities can throw at them.

So there you have it. The Emergency is 100% tool-free, while the Ultimate is ½” shorter. It really does come down to you and what you want. Either way, you’re getting a quality Colby Valve product that enables you to keep going.