Save a Day, Save a Weekend with Colby Valve

Breaking a valve stem while off-roading will put an end to your day, and might cost you some cash. How much cash? Unfortunately, the cost is more than just the price of a new valve stem. Not being able to change a broken valve stem on the trail means you run the risk of having to drive back on a flat tire, damaging the tire or possibly ruining a wheel. Now you’ve racked up the costs of a new valve stem, tire, and a wheel. With Colby Valve, those risks are eliminated and your money has been saved.

The value of Colby Valve goes much further than just your wallet. By choosing Colby Valve, not only do you save money, you save time. You see, Colby Valves install from the outside of the wheel within minutes, without the need to remove the wheel or break the bead. No more dragging your vehicle back to the shop for fixing, no more ruined days or afternoons. Just the smile on your face as you get back to tearing up the hills with your newly installed Colby Valve product.

Heck, if you install Colby Valves before you go off-roading, you won’t even have to worry about breaking a valve stem again. Colby Valves are 20X stronger than traditional valve stems, and can handle more than 3000 psi of pressure*.

So whether you want some with you when you head out, or if you replace all your traditional valve stems beforehand, you can relax knowing that Colby Valve will keep you rolling through any off-roading adventure.

*According to 3rd party testing on the Emergency Valve