Polaris Summer Sales Event 2017 Las Vegas

Colby Valve traveled to Las Vegas, Nevada, last week to exhibit the Emergency and Ultimate Colby Valves at the 2017 Polaris Summer Sales Event. The promotion was well attended by industry leaders and was a great opportunity to put Colby Valve products in front of the people who make the big decisions in American powersports.

The event brought dealers from all over North America to see what’s new in the Polaris world. Dealers from the four corners of the US were able to get their hands on Colby Valve products and Colby Valve was able to impress seasoned professionals who received all the information on what Colby Valves can do.

The unique patent pending design and quality of Colby Valve replacement valves impressed both industry leaders and event attendees. Some dealers even left the Colby Valve exhibit to call other dealers to come and check out what Colby Valve is doing.

By providing a product that solves a common problem faced by powersport enthusiasts, Colby Valve hopes that other industry professionals will see the value in this game-changing product.

Colby Valve is looking forward to the upcoming MTA/MTV event and hopes to impress more powersport dealers there.