Colby Valve Saved My Bacon Grand Prize

We’ve finally got all our ducks in a row and are very pleased to announce what the grand prize will be in our Colby Valve Saved My Bacon contests.

We’ve gotten together with the fine folks over at MTA/Motovan, who have seen fit to provide us with something very special. At the end of our Colby Valve Saved My Bacon campaign, one lucky entrant will win products valued at $1000 from three manufacturers. The three manufacturers are Slasher Performance, Quadrax Utility and STI.

The winner will be able to personally select their prizes from a catalog. Want one big $1000 product? Go for it. Or perhaps some smaller products? That’s fine, too. As long as you spend the $1000, we don’t mind what you buy.

So that’s it folks. All entrants into any of the weekly contests will be automatically entered into the grand prize drawing. That’s all you have to do.

The grand prize drawing will take place on November 17th, 2017. Get to entering and keep your ears to the ground and you just might walk off with $1000 worth of products from MTA/Motovan.