Colby Valve Handles the Pressure!

The Colby Valve is a pretty revolutionary product, one that’s guaranteed to keep you rippin’ up the hills every weekend. Before we can claim superiority over standard valve stems, we need to test these suckers to the breaking point!

To do this, Colby Valve sent two test subjects to Applied Technical Services, Inc., a certified testing lab. We sent one normal, run of the mill valve stem we purchased at a local auto shop, and one Colby Valve Emergency Valve. They both underwent some tough pressure testing to see exactly which valve stem was strongest.

First up was the competitor’s valve. It managed to hold pressure up to 300-psi before blowing its top and becoming utterly useless. You’d think that the type of valve stem most commonly used on tires around the world would be up to the challenge, but no.


Next up was the Colby Valve Emergency Valve. The Colby Valve hit the 300-psi mark set by the standard valve stem, and kept on going. 500-psi. 1000-psi. 2000-psi. 3000-psi. The Colby Valve’s proprietary urethane seal held up to 3183-psi before failing. Not that you’d ever fill your tires to 3000-psi, but it’s good to know just how strong the Colby Valve seal is.

This is what Colby Valve delivers in every valve stem we produce. Incredible strength and unmatched reliability.

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